Our Mission

To provide an honest and reliable service to our clients who suffer from hair loss. To listen, to understand and to help our clients help battle their hair loss issues by offering them with the best form of service and the highest quality of products available on the market today.

Our Goal

To Ensure that we help people restore their appearance, regain their confidence and to leave our studio feeling amazed at their transformation


"My father suffered hair loss at an early age and unfortunately I was no different. My thinning hair deprived me of my youthful appearance, leaving me feeling less attractive. I became increasingly stressed and anxious, as well as suffering a collapsing self esteeem and confidence. I became totally obsessed by my hairloss, left counting the hairs in the hairbrush and plughole. The London Hair Clinic provided me with a bespoke solution that was perfect for me, wish I had it done much sooner. I cant recommend them enough...and I feel ten years younger. "

John Adams Thinning hair More

We Have More Than 20 years of Experience

The London Hair Clinic has been established now for over 20 years. It was developed by one person who suffered from hair loss and quickly realized their were many people out their that took advantage of people that suffer from Hair Loss and never really showed any empathy but were more interested in a direct sales approach, taking advantage of their vulnerability in what is a very personal and private matter.

From the knowledge, passion and experienced gained The London Hair Clinic was developed and has become a very successful and growing Non Surgical Hair Replacement Clinic that believes in providing an honest approach to hair loss. With its dedicated team of specialist and state of the art technology we can offer our clients the exceptional service and products they deserve at a very affordable cost.

Our Knowledgable Team

Graham Wake - Owner of the London Hair Clinic/Consultant

As a sufferer of androgenetic hair-loss, or male pattern baldness, I know personally of the anxiety and distress that hair loss can cause. As a long-term user of hair replacement systems I have experienced an industry that promotes a hard sell approach existing, sadly, to the detriment of the vulnerable client.
The London Hair Clinic provides the highest level of service and attentive care that each hair replacement client should expect and deserves. As a member of the Trichological Society (TTS), our code of conduct and integrity reflects the high standards demanded by the society.