Bespoke Hair Systems

The London Hair Clinic takes great pride in providing hair systems that are of the highest quality. A bespoke hair system is a hair system that has been made individually tailored for each and every client needs.

Mens Hair Systems UK

All bespoke hair systems are hand made by a dedicated team of professionals with over 20 years of experience. We will use all the latest technology in ensuring that the hair system has been made to perfection and will be completely undetectable by sight and touch.

We will discuss all the options available to you and the material we use will be lightweight, breathable yet durable. A mould will be taken so we can ensure an exact fit.

All our bespoke hair systems are made from the highest quality European human hair that has been ethically sourced. This hair is virgin (untreated) hair; the hair type we use will be based on the sample of hair taken from you during the consultation.

You will also be in charge of how you want to customize your hair system and can even select the wave, curl, density, hair texture, hair colour, if any grey % is required or highlights and more. Our experienced consultants will provide advice and guidance on this.

Our mission and aim is to ensure that each client will walk out of our salon feeling completely amazed at their new transformation.

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