Ethically Sourced Hair

The quality of the hair is very important if not the most important aspect when making a bespoke hair system. Many hair replacement companies generally reply on factory-produced hair. This is hair that is generally Asian hair and has been chemically treated and coloured to match your own. This type of hair is of poor quality as not only will it fade in a short amount of time but also become very dry and tangle quickly.

At The London Hair Clinic we ethically source our own hair via our unique program known as the “Hair Harvest” program. This is a program that allows people to donate their hair. We then check the quality and if we believe the hair meets our standard we purchase the hair. All hair purchased is high quality European hair that has not been chemically treated or coloured and thus in its natural state and condition. This type of hair will not fade in colour and will keep its elasticity; shine and texture giving you are very natural look.

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