How long do your hair systems last?

Answer: As we only use the best quality hair, hair that is natural in its colour we estimate our systems to last at least 1 year. Some get more than a year and some get slightly less.

Is the hair ethically sourced?

Answer: We are in control of the hair we use for our systems rather than leaving it up to the manufactures to provide their own hair, which is usually of cheaper quality. We purchase high quality European hair from individuals across the UK & Europe, through our unique 'Hair Harvest' procedure and keep a library of hair to select for our bespoke hair systems. All the hair we use is ethically sourced.

How long does it take to make a bespoke hair system?

Answer: A bespoke hair system can take around 6 to 8 weeks to make

Do I have to take my hair system off every night?

Answer: No you do not. A hair system is to be treated like your own hair. You sleep in it, shower, work, play sports etc. and can leave it on for up to 4-6 weeks at one time without having to take it off.

Will my hair system come off if its windy outside?

Answer: This is a miss conception for most regarding hair systems. Our hair systems are made from high quality material and the bonding methods we use or suggest to use allows you to wear your system without worrying at all about it coming off, even in gale force winds your system will stay on.

What makes you different from other non-surgical hair replacement companies?

Answer: What makes us different is that we have experienced hair loss ourselves and also wear hair systems. We have been taken for a ride by other Hair Replacement companies and fed many lies. At the London Hair Clinic we are honest and genuine. Our systems are of higher quality and the hair we use, we obtain it ourselves so that we can stay in control of ensuring our systems are only made from the finest quality of human hair. Also we have patent technology that allows us to exactly replicate your scalp, head contour and hairline in order to make a hair system truly bespoke and custom made to you.

Would anyone be able to tell I wear a hair system?

Answer: The short answer is no. As technology advances so do hair systems. Hair systems are now made from the finest quality material, which mimics your own hair and hair direction. Our stylists then create a perfect blend and cut which allows the system to look like it is your own hair.

I am currently tied in with another Hair Replacement Salon; can I move to you without any problems?

Answer: Many of our clients have come from other Hair Replacement studios as they believed they were being treated poorly and to be seen like a number rather than a person. At the London Hair Clinic our consultants have experienced this also which is why we ensure that we actually listen and care about our clients. We welcome anyone that wants an honest approach to hair systems and who wants to be treated with respect rather than just a number.