Hair Replacement Testimonials

John Adams Thinning hair

"My father suffered hair loss at an early age and unfortunately I was no different. My thinning hair deprived me of my youthful appearance, leaving me feeling less attractive. I became increasingly stressed and anxious, as well as suffering a collapsing self esteeem and confidence. I became totally obsessed by my hairloss, left counting the hairs in the hairbrush and plughole. The London Hair Clinic provided me with a bespoke solution that was perfect for me, wish I had it done much sooner. I cant recommend them enough...and I feel ten years younger. "

Michael Discord Hereditary Hair Loss

"I'd always had thin hair, but following the male pattern baldness the hair loss steadily worsened to an extent where I could not conceal the sparseness. The likelihood of rainy and windy weather posed a daily trauma. The affliction came to dominate my life. I suffered regular bouts of depression and began to accept that my hair was unlikely to ever grow back. After I'd had my first fitting with The London Hair Clinic. I remember the feeling and it was as if a weight had been lifted for the first time in over 15 years. I feel like I have my life back and just be myself again. Thank you so much for changing my life."

Rajesh Palmer Alopecia and Hereditary Hair Loss

"From around 24 I began to see that my hair was getting thinner and thinner. To make matters worse I developed a patch of total hair loss as was diagnosed with Alopecia. Their was no real cure thus tried the propecia, minoxidils and hair thickening fibre – neither worked and years of trying to grown my hair back I gave up and decided to go down the hair replacement option. My main concern was if people could tell, but after going to the consultation, watching their videos and actually seeing sample hairpieces being placed on me I was astounded at how natural and realistic they looked. The London Hair Clinic provided me with an honest service and a truly bespoke hairpiece that matched my hair colour and fitted me like a glove. The cut was amazing and left feeling completely transformed and very happy. I recommend these guys 100%, if you are hesitant or not sure just take advantage of the free consultation anyways ;) "

Alan Kumar Hereditary Hair Loss

"I went for a few consultations at various hair loss clinics, in the end I decided to go with the London Hair Clinic, as I was impressed at the way they ethically sourced the hair themselves. The service was exceptional and it was great to be getting advice from someone who wore a hair system them selves. I felt I was given an honest approach to how they work and if my expectations could be met. Wearing a hair system honestly was the best decision I ever made. I am so happy with the results and ii recommend this to anyone who is struggling with hair loss and want to do something about it. "

Josef Nirvana Hair Transplant Client

" I had hair transplant done on my front hairline, but unfortunately the results were not as expected and had a few strands grow but not enough to give me a full hairline. I then began to lose the hair in the middle and crown area but was advised I did not have enough donor hair to transplant in these areas and quite frankly with the results of my front hair line I was not prepared to waste any more of my money on this kind of treatment. I was recommended the London Hair Clinic by a friend who was a client their. Jay showed me some sample pieces and I was amazed at how in a matter of seconds I could achieve a full head of hair. Jay recommended designing a new hair system that would allow me to incorporate my transplanted front hairline and sit the new hairpiece just behind it so I could have my own natural front hairline and the system to cover the remaining balding areas. I was so happy with his advice as I assumed I would just have to shave of the transplanted hair I paid a lot of money for and knowing I could still use was a great relief. The end result was truly all I ever wanted and was so please with the service, advice and the very friendly stylist who cut my hair exactly as I wanted. Thank you London Hair Clinic. "